Here's how much Johnny Manziel was paid for his autograph in college

By , Audacy Sports

It pales in comparison to the money that he made for the NCAA and Texas A&M, but Johnny Manziel confirmed recently that he did have benefits that extended beyond just his scholarship during his electric collegiate career.

Appearing on "Bussin' With The Boys,' Manziel revealed that his autograph made him quite a bit of coin at one point:

"This guy comes up behind me and he's like 'Yo, how would you wanna make $3,000?' I turn around and I'm like 'F*** yeah, bro! I've got like $65 in my bank account. I'm waiting on that beginning of the month January stipend check for $460 or whatever it was. Hell yeah, I wanna make $3,000.'

"...I had one of my boys take this guy's number. We're doing it all sneaky ... we don't wanna get caught ... we're trying to learn from everybody else that has gotten caught. And, you know, may or may not have gone back to this guy's condo and signed probably 10,000 pieces. ... He gave me $3,000."

Manziel, now 28, says he was told he was being ripped off for $3,000 and was directed to someone that would be willing to pay him $30,000. Manziel estimated that he returned to the Fontainebleau in Miami once a month for four months and signed autographs after that.

The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner says that all of these technical NCAA violations came after he won the sport's most prestigious award. He added that "he got to make somewhat of a decent living in college." Of course, many other people got to make a lot more than a "decent living" based off of Manziel's production.

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