NBA reportedly nixes random marijuana tests, and it didn't take long for certain players to trend on Twitter

By , Audacy

J.R. Smith once hit 11 three-pointers in a game for the 2009 Nuggets. He was unconscious. On another planet. Just launching for the heck of it and finding results after every shot. Maybe it was the high altitude that gave him a boost...

...or maybe it was something else that was fueling him.

Something else that wouldn't have been allowed at the time he knocked in 11 triples, nor would it have been allowed at any point of his long NBA career prior to his 2020 Orlando bubble appearance with the Lakers. Something that pretty much everyone knows J.R. Smith has dabbled in here or there, including when he was repping a former NBA player's brand in the bubble over the summer.

Okay, okay. I'm not saying he was high when he drained 11 threes. High on life, maybe, but probably not high on anything else. But he, along with Matt Barnes, Al Harrington, Shawn Kemp and perhaps 85 percent of other players during Kenyon Martin's career — no, really — indulged in the devil's lettuce at some point during their NBA tenures. Unfortunately for Smith, his playing days may be over just as reports shared that the league may be planning something that likely would have resonated with him and several other former stoners.

Dowsett added some important details, saying that the decision is largely based on COVID safety, though there's "significant expectation... that the entire marijuana testing program is on the way out." He also noted that just because the random marijuana tests will stop, testing "for cause" will continue.

And, as expected, it didn't take long for Twitter to recognize J.R. and some other faces of the NBA's biggest potheads. He and Dion Waiters were trending within minutes.

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