Johnny Manziel had a brutal weekend betting on March Madness


Heisman winner Johnny Manziel has readily admitted he stunk as an NFL quarterback. Turns out, the former Browns gunslinger might not be cut out for sports betting either.

March Madness will bring out the degenerate in even the most casual of sports bettors. Wanting in on the action, Johnny Football got busy with wagers of all shapes and sizes this weekend, sweating Saturday and Sunday’s Sweet 16 action with a multitude of parlays, over/unders, money lines and point spreads. Thankfully, Manziel chronicled his experience for us on social media, tweeting through the pain as everything he touched turned to dust. Almost nothing went right for Manziel on the betting front with Syracuse, Arkansas, Creighton, Florida State and Alabama all letting the 28-year-old down.

Boy have I been there. This might be the most relatable Johnny Football has ever been, tilting his face off while the likes of UCLA and Houston bleed his bank account dry. Notice how quickly the quarterback’s tone changes as his betting empire crumbles, progressively shifting from confidence to dread. To Manziel’s credit, he did get a few picks right, correctly forecasting Oregon State’s upset of eighth-seeded Loyola while also nailing USC, who routed Pac-12 rival Oregon to close out Sunday’s four-game slate.

Will the former Texas A&M star take the night off, calling for a self-imposed ban after bricking everything in sight the past two days, or will he attempt to rally by betting Monday’s Regional Finals? Whatever he decides, you can bet Manziel will be tweeting about it.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Wesley Hits, Getty Images