Kyle Pitts shares the best piece of advice Matt Ryan gave him during his rookie season

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During an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, second-year tight end Kyle Pitts called into the show to speak on adjusting to the NFL and how Matt Ryan helped him get acclimated in Atlanta, both on and off the field.

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When Eisen and Pitts talked about how he's adapting to Marcus Mariota under center, the NFL Network host followed up by asking how the former NFL MVP helped the Pro Bowler acclimated to the league during his rookie season.

The 21-year-old tight end said Ryan assisted him with everything he wanted to learn about. Everything from learning how to take care of his body to handling business off the gridiron.

“On the field, just different ways to try to take care of your body, mentally lock-in and how maybe how he may be prepared in his younger years and places where he messed up," Pitts told Eisen during an interview Wednesday. "Off the field, just how to handle adversity with your family, your girlfriend, spending money, all those different types of things."

Wanting to dig deeper into Pitts' comments, Eisen asked him if Ryan really did provide an open hand to the rook. Pitts said he did and he was more than eager to ask the former NFL MVP questions.

Pitts was then asked what the best piece of advice Ryan gave him.

"Live where your feet are. Just take everyday where it is. Don't think in the past, don't think in the future, live where your feet are at. Everything that you do, ace it in your way and do it to the best of your ability whether it's in this building [Falcons training facility] or out the building."

Despite Ryan heading to Indianapolis after 13 seasons in Atlanta, Pitts is expected to make a big leap this season after a 1000-yard rookie season that saw him find the end zone only once in 2021. Wondering if he will score more TDs this season, [Having picked Pitts for his fantasy team] Eisen asked what Pitts' goals are for the upcoming NFL season.

"I have written them down but I am not letting them out."

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