Kyrie Irving claims he was born lefty but ‘Catholic school didn’t let me stay left-handed’


Some would consider Kyrie Irving among the greatest ball-handlers in NBA history, a trait he attributes to being ambidextrous. Appearing on Friday’s episode of The Shop, Irving was asked by host Maverick Carter about a play he made during the 2016 NBA Finals, stopping on a dime before sinking an off-balance floater, all while absorbing contact from Warriors enforcer Draymond Green.

“F--- making the shot. I couldn’t believe you thought you could take the shot,” said Carter, marveling at Irving’s miraculous and-one. “There’s nobody in the history of the game who’s gotten to that spot and thought that was an option.”

In response, Irving claimed that he was born a lefty but, at the urging of his teachers, made right his dominant hand. “Catholic school didn’t let me stay left-handed,” said Irving, to the amazement of fellow guests Idris Elba and Drew Barrymore. “I was getting slapped on the hand for writing with my left hand. That was old school. This was in ’96.”

It’s hard to believe any school would have an issue with what hand Irving writes with, but apparently that was his experience, literally bullied into a right-handed existence he never asked for. A prolific troll, the Nets All-Star could very well be yanking our chain, stirring the pot for his own amusement (this wouldn’t be the first time Irving has led us down a ridiculous rabbit hole, beating the flat Earth drum in 2018). Regardless of what did or didn’t happen in Catholic school when he was four years old, Irving remains a magician with the ball in his hands, routinely leading the league in jaws dropped.

“Both sides of my brain are unlocked, if you’re asking,” said Irving, who, later in the interview, referred to himself as an “artist.” “The tool I choose to use as my paintbrush is my basketball.”

Irving’s craftsmanship is undeniable but so is his ego, continually straddling the line between earned confidence and smug narcissism.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Maddie Meyer, Getty Images