Ohio University player's shoe bursts open in the middle of a play

By , Audacy

I'm not taking anything away from Creighton forward Damien Jefferson and his handles here. I'm sure he's a tough cover, considering he has averaged 12.3 points per game this season on 55.8 percent shooting from the field.

But I'm also not going to credit Jefferson with some sort of dazzling dribble move that caused Ohio University's Ben Vander Plas to fall down helplessly in the middle of a possession. Wouldn't you take a tumble if your shoe oh-so-casually exploded at the seams mid-play?

Vander Plas' shoe probably looks a lot like the University of Virginia fan base's brackets after Ohio upset them in the first round, thanks in large part to Vander Plas' game-high 17 points.

This obviously brought to mind another memorable shoe-exploding moment in the very slim library of such plays, when Zion Williamson's kicks didn't feel like holding his weight anymore and called it a day.

Reported Jamie Erdahl pointed out that he put on the nonmatching replacement shoe as quickly as possible and then passed up the opportunity to put on the actual shoe.

Superstitious? Perhaps. But keeping things the way they were going probably wasn't the best idea, given the score of the game.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)