Pedro Martinez on live TV: 'Umpires don't know sh– about what they're doing'

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Sometimes, we watch MLB games and wonder how the heck umpires called what they called. We wonder what on earth provoked them to call this pitch a strike, or that pitch a ball, or rule this play an out and rule that play safe. There's discussion about robot umpires in the future. There's discussion about automated strike zones. There's discussion about a whole lot of things regarding the officiation of baseball, and that's because umpires are human and they make mistakes — some more significant than others.

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Of, if you're brutally honest with your thoughts like Hall of Fame pitcher Pedro Martinez was on live telenvision for MLB Network, you might have a more crude explanation. (Warning: expletive language).

Welp. That's one way of putting it. I don't know what's funnier about the clip: the quote itself, or Martinez's MLB Network colleagues losing their sh-- in hilarity after they were caught off guard by the remark.

To be honest, though, his opinion is probably a pretty common one throughout the MLB fan community.

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