Brady and Gisele will reportedly file for divorce Friday


It’s apparently over for Tom and Gisele.

The star-studded couple will file for divorce today, according to TMZ. Their seeming marital strife has dominated headlines for the last several months, especially since a report surfaced in early October about the pair hiring divorce attorneys.

Brady has been dropping hints about his marriage for years

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Tom Brady has been dropping hints about his divorce for years
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“Our sources say lawyers for both Gisele and Tom have been working with a mediator to hammer out both property settlement and custody, and we're told they have come to terms,” reports TMZ.

Earlier this week, Page Six reported Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen were readying themselves for a “nasty" split. They own at least three properties in the U.S. valued at $25.7 million, in addition to property in Costa Rica.

Previously, it’s been reported they would share custody of their two children.

Brady’s prolonged NFL career was reportedly at the center of their disagreement. He announced his retirement from the NFL in February, citing a desire to spend more time with family, only to return 40 day later.

Brady took an 11-day leave from Buccaneers training camp to reportedly try and repair his marriage.

For years, Brady and Gisele have have publicly hinted about their disagreements over his obsession with football. Back in 2017, Gisele said on CBS that Brady has a “history of concussions.”

In recent years, Brady has dedicated entire episodes of his docuseries, “Tom vs. Time” and “Man in the Arena,” to the push-and-pull he feels between football and family.

In a 2020 interview with Howard Stern, Brady admitted that Gisele wasn’t happy with his football-life balance.

The two A-listers got married in 2009.

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