UNLV debuts ‘Turnover Slot Machine’ after interception


Popularized by the University of Miami (though it’s since been retired by coach Mario Cristobal), the Turnover Chain birthed a movement that has quickly swept through college football, with teams going to increasingly elaborate lengths to celebrate take-aways, using props like chainsaws, backpacks, chalices, belts, boxing robes and even a turnover throne (the handiwork of Boise State). Though none of these spiritual successors have quite matched the original in terms of presentation and sheer staying power, UNLV’s entry into the turnover accessory genre may be the most inspired we’ve seen yet.

What you’re looking at is a first of its kind “Turnover Slot Machine,” which UNLV debuted Saturday after a first-quarter interception in their opening-week matchup with Idaho State. The Rebels clearly put a good deal of thought into this unnecessary but nonetheless fascinating creation, giving it some regional flair by alluding to Sin City’s world-class casinos. Slot machines are so prevalent in the entertainment capital, you’ll even find a few of them at Harry Reid International (formerly McCarran Airport) overlooking the Vegas Strip.

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Though cynics would argue college football, particularly in the NIL age, has gotten too commercialized for its own good, remember most of the players you’re watching are babies, 19 and 20-year-olds just trying to have a little fun before they enter the real world. Vegas prides itself in being “extra,” a glowing, over-the-top spectacle existing, for some reason, in the middle of a desert. So why would their college team be any different?

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