Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat here for hottest hotel party ever in '34+35 Remix' video

Poppin’ bottles of bubbly, bubbles and just plain poppin’
Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat
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The music video for Ariana Grande’s "34+35 Remix" featuring Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion is officially out ,and if we put it quite plainly, we’re obsessed. Sorry we tried to make that rhyme, but our brains our still preoccupied and mesmerized. Also, how can we get an invite to their next slumber party?

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When we first heard the song’s remix, which has since been on repeat btw, we knew an accompanying video was coming, we mean… how could they not. After spending about a week teasing the vid with onset photos, it is finally here and like we said, we’re obsessed.

The visual sees the high-class trifecta of hitmakers having themselves a lacy lingerie, room service and champagne-filled sleepover. Giving us all kinds of sultry Lady Marmalade vibes, and trust us you don’t want to miss even one second of it. No worries though if the moment wasn’t caught by the videos director Stefan Kohli, the trio made sure to have camcorder ready.

Starting off with Ari glamorously hanging pool-side, reading magazines, drinking yes you guessed it, champagne, while real swans float nearby. Doja comes in with her verse, just straight up chillin’ with a Dalmatian while lounging on a, well chaise lounge. After a brief room service call and another round of the chorus, Meg swoops in and shows out in a marble bathtub decked with gold adornments, twerking amongst the bubbles. All three girls pop bottles and eat Twizzlers on the bed, watching home videos of themselves. And now we’re craving a Baked Alaska, even though we don’t actually know what it is.

Get ready to be just as obsessed, watch the video below.

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