Lauren Spencer-Smith on receiving huge praise from Julia Michaels for ‘Fingers Crossed’

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By , Audacy

Former American Idol contestant, Lauren Spencer-Smith, is just eighteen years old and right now everything is completely surreal for her! After releasing her latest single “Fingers Crossed,” the songstress is rising to prominence across the charts. While sitting down with Audacy’s Julia, the young singer shared her joy and success with us, while also discussing projects that are on the horizon.

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With TikTok as her launchpad, Lauren quickly watched her song blow up overnight. Spencer-Smith shared that when she wrote “Fingers Crossed,” she knew the track possessed a special quality and a potential for global success. The teaser clip that the artist shared on TikTok has now garnered 22 million views, however, she revealed that she never imagined racking up views over eight million.

“I felt very passionate about it, and I felt it was one of my better songs,” revealed Lauren. But, she added, “I definitely had no idea it was going to be at the magnitude it was at.”

Proclaiming that her track is “the new breakup anthem,” the Canadian-born singer shared that there are three lines in the song that she feels are most powerful. “’Old love songs we used to play to, funny now I hate you,’ I feel like that’s the first one in the song where you realize, ‘Oh, she’s pissed.’” Additionally, she notes “'advice is trying to fix you and all your daddy issues,'” and “'advice on how to write your songs, all you did was prove me wrong,'” are her two biggest “call-out moments.”

On TikTok, the lyric that has turned into a viral “sound” is the line “I could say I’m sorry, but I’m not.”

Since the success of her single, Spencer-Smith has heard from some of her biggest inspirations. Prior to her conversation with us, she shared that Julia Michaels reached out to her and expressed her love for “Fingers Crossed.”

“I love her,” gushed Spencer-Smith. “Even in every songwriting session I’m in, I play Julia Michaels songs as like references." Oftentimes, the former American Idol contestant finds inspiration for storytelling from Julia Michaels and JP Saxe.

Growing up, Lauren found singing before delving into songwriting. Adele served as another inspiring artist for the “For Granted” singer. “I feel like as I got older… and as I figured out how to articulate my emotions in words, was when I started to really song-write,” explained Lauren.

Looking forward, Spencer-Smith is aiming for “Fingers Crossed” to go platinum and possibly nab a Juno Award in Canada or an American Music Award.

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