Dua Lipa on her sonic 'departure' from her last album, and what she discovered in singledom

'I think you get to learn so much about yourself'
By , Audacy

Catch her or she’ll go “Houdini,” Dua Lipa checked in with Audacy’s Bru to chat all about her brand new single “Houdini,” what her new music era will sound like, and a whole lot more.

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Dua describes “Houdini” as the first part in a series, about representing the best parts of singledom, “the fun parts, like you’re discovering yourself, you’re figuring out what you like, what you don’t like, what you deserve, what serves you and doesn’t."

"Like in certain instances, learning to read red flags," she added, "and being like okay this actually isn’t for me, and then choosing when to stay and when to ‘Houdini.’"

Sharing her favorite part of being single, which she might have been when she put together the track, but we feel obliged to share that she isn’t at the present moment, Dua said, “I think you get to learn so much about yourself.”

“I think a lot of people like kinda wish their singledom away, like looking for someone else. But I think the whole point of spending that time alone is to really figure out what you need, and y’know who you are in the silence, and who you are when you’re without someone, I think like that’s the best bit.”

Filling us in on this next era, “it’s sonically a bit of a departure from my last record," Dua reveals. "This one has a lot more psychedelic influences that I’m really excited about. And it has a lot of live instrumentation and I really feel like you can feel that through the whole record."

She continued, “I’ve always wanted to have an album that was a little bit more organic in that sense, especially after touring for so long, and touring being such a massive part of my life and my career and my journey and everything. I feel like I always feel in love with so much with the way songs sounded when performed live, and I wanted to have that same kind of energy in the studio and how the songs were y’know when they were recorded. So I feel like this album like perfectly captures that… and just really my most honest piece of work I think, as a whole album.”

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Delving a bit into those sonically different sounds she experimented with, Dua revealed, “that even though there’s lots of electronic sounds,” it’s “kind of like the juxtaposition of that with the organic,” live instrumentation, “that when merged together, it kind of creates something unique and different.” Trying to find the words, Dua said, “it’s kind of hard to describe until you hear the rest of the album, in terms of like the experimentation and the instruments that we used. I think also just the layout of the songs, are just a little different than what people have heard from me before.”

Additionally discussing the process of buying back her own music, Dua noted “how young artists should really understand the business,” behind the music industry. "I think it’s incredibly important. And so to be able to have all the rights back to my music feels really good. You know, it’s my life’s work so it’s cool to be the person who says what happens with it.”

Dua also broke down the process of how her Barbie movie song, “Dance The Night,” came together, as well as her brief cameo in the film. Plus, she chatted about her podcast endeavors, and pondered some “New Rules” she goes by, so don’t miss a moment and check out the entire interview above.

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