Selena Gomez is ready to 'get people moving and feeling things' with upcoming 'true Pop' album

'I’m in a really healthy space and I’m so happy'
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With her new song, “Single Soon,” out, Selena Gomez joined Bru in studio for an Audacy Check In. After filling Bru in on the not so “cool story” of how she injured her hand, Selena got to talking all about the brand new track, what keeps brining her back to music, and more.

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When asked what it is about music that always brings her back, the actress, producer, philanthropist, and beauty brand owner answered that while she enjoys “so many different facets of my life,” she “can’t help but really relate and indulge my life through lyrics. It’s just so much fun, even if it’s a song that upbeat like ‘It Ain’t Me’ there’s still such vulnerability in the lyrics. But it’s one of the most energetic fun songs that I’ve done.”

She continued, “I think it’s just a fun way of communicating, and I was itching to have some new music out."

“Technically this isn’t my first single,” Selena went on to explain, mentioning she’s had “Single Soon” sitting in the vault for “about six years.” Originally made during her Rare era, SelGo felt like “it just didn’t really work” for that album. However now, after revamping the track, she felt like “it was kinda just a perfect way to end the summer.”

And while “Single Single” isn’t actually the first single from her yet to be announced next album, it does completely encompass the vibes. “I’ve been telling people that unintentionally this has happened where there’s actually no sad songs on this record,” Selena shared. “Vulnerability is my thing so obviously I’m telling people where I am in this stage in my life, and I feel really, really good… I’m in a really healthy space and I’m so happy. So the whole album is just a true Pop record, it’s so much fun, and it’s consistently gonna get people moving and feeling things.”

Filling us in on her decision to reference some iconic Sex and the City moments in her music video — like the infamous post it note, Selena said with a smile, “I wanted Carrie to get her redemption. I just thought it was a really cute way, and it was automatically in the lyrics anyway so it was like a little easter egg.” Referring to her lyrics contemplating every which way she could break up with her beau — “Should I do it on the phone? / Should I leave a little note / In the pocket of his coat? (Yeah) / Maybe I'll just disappear / I don't wanna see a tear / And the weekend's almost here.”

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Opening up her non-competitive nature when it comes to other female artists, Selena noted the importance of supporting and championing one another. And also, since it was her first time in the studio since, she discussed the success of her collab with Rema, “Calm Down.”

“That was just such a special surprise,” Gomez expressed. “I think we knew the song was gonna be exciting and fun, but we definitely didn’t think it would do as well as it did, or at least I didn’t, and I’m so beyond thrilled. And there’s not really a better person who deserves it than Rema, he’s a really great guy, extremely humble, open, lovely, and I’m just so happy for him.”

Selena also shared what gives her the most happiness in the stage of her life, and why it’s important to her to be so open and transparent with her fans. “I think that it’s better if it comes from me than anywhere else.”

The "People You Know" singer also went on to make some predictions including what her Wizards of Waverly Place character Alex Russo would be doing now in life. “I feel like she’d be a businesswoman… I feel like she’d be like Barney on ’How I Met Your Mother.’” As for where she, herself will be a year from now? “I hope that maybe I’m on some sort of stage.”

For all that and more, check out the entire interview above.

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