107-year-old votes in 22nd straight presidential election


A 107-year-old man will be casting his vote in the 22nd straight presidential election he has ever voted in on November 3.

Ed Palkot, who happens to be Fox News reporter Greg Palkot’s father, has voted in every presidential election since 1936.

When the reporter asked if his father would be casting a ballot for the 2020 election, he replied, “Oh sure, I voted.”

Ed was born in 1913 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to a working-class immigrant family. He has already lived through a world war, two global pandemics, and the Great Depression during his lifetime.

The 107-year-old lived through the Spanish Flu, where he tested positive and survived the deadly virus. He now lives through an ongoing coronavirus global pandemic.

In 1936, he was ready to vote in his first presidential election. He believes it is essential to exercise your right by voting on Election Day.

The Palkot family always believed that Election Day was essential and taught their children that it was their duty to vote each year.

During the 2020 election, Ed, the resident of Long Island, New York, voted by mail-in ballot.

Greg would describe his father as a Republican and an Independent voter.
“'I think I voted for FDR once,' he’s confided to me. He’s voted, as well, as I recall, for at least one third-party candidate,” Greg added.

Whether or not he will be voting for Donald Trump or Joe Biden, Ed will not specify. He said that he will be happy when this campaign is finished.

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