111-year-old man recommends eating chicken brains for long life

We'll take your word for it
Photo credit Jennifer Chamblee / Getty

The oldest man in Australia says that eating chicken brains is one of his secrets to living to 111 years old, the AP reports.

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Dexter Kruger turned 111 a few months ago, and told Australian Broadcasting Corp. that eating the chicken delicacy has been a big contributor to his long life.

“Chicken brains. You know, chickens have a head. And in there, there’s a brain. And they are delicious little things, there’s only one little bite,” Kruger said.

Kruger’s son, who is 74 years old, says that his dad is living such a long life due to his simple lifestyle in the Outback.

Melanie Calvert, a nursing home manager, says Kruger is “probably one of the sharpest residents here, his memory is amazing for a 111-year-old.”

The oldest person to ever live in Australia was Christina Cook. Cook passed away in 2002 at the age of 114 years.

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