13-Year-Old Boy Earns His Fourth Associates Degree


13-year-old Jack Rico can't yet legally drink or drive, but he does have four college degrees to show off. The teenager earned an associates degree from Fullerton College this week, bringing his grand total to four.

His mother, Ru Andrade, told People, "It has been pure joy having Jack as a son, and I couldn't be any prouder of him."

The accomplishment marks Rico as the youngest-ever graduate from Fullerton College. "The college was established in 1913, so this is quite a legacy he can claim," a spokeswoman for the school said.

Rico began taking college-level courses when he was just 11 years old, and has since worked on earning his various degrees.

Andrade admits that she knew her son was different from a very young age, having memorized all of the presidents and vice presidents by the time he was 3 in an effort to earn himself a 4th birthday trip to the White House.

He began homeschooling in 3rd grade after struggling with public school. It was at age 11 that his mother entered him into Fullerton College's Bridge Program for K-12 students who pass placement testing.

"He started out just taking one class and he absolutely loved it," she said. "He just kept requesting taking more and more classes."

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Rico won't be able to attend a traditional graduation ceremony, but his family is planning a special drive-by event instead.

Rico will attend University of Nevada in the fall on a full scholarship.

"Jack is not a genius," Andrade explains, "He just works really hard."

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