18-Wheeler Carrying Toilet Paper Crashes and Burns on Interstate


A big rig hauling one of America’s most precious cargos has gone up in flames.

The 18-wheeler was carrying a huge load of toilet paper when the driver lost control, overturned and caught fire on Interstate 20 near Dallas, Texas, according to TMZ.

The fiery crash caused the bulk of the commercial toilet paper to spill all over the road, with much of it burning up in the aftermath.

Luckily, neither the driver nor his dog, who was riding alongside in the truck’s cab, were injured.

Images from the wreckage show large reams of toilet paper typically used in restaurants and other businesses littered across the highway.

The roadside disaster comes as the country continues to grapple with a shortage of toilet paper in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

With the continuing spread of COVID-19, stores have been raided of their stock of the bathroom essential.

If you’re confused as to why people are stocking up on toilet paper to the point that certain retailers are limiting the number of packs that customers can buy in one trip, you’re not alone, but according to experts, there’s a reason for the madness.

Upon seeing people stocking up on things like toilet paper, a scarcity mentality kicks in for others, eventually snowballing into a real scarcity. In buying more toilet paper than usual because of a perceived run on it, consumers have created an actual run on a product that, while necessary, is not directly related to the coronavirus and will not decrease their likelihood of getting sick.

For those wondering if they have enough TP on hand, the website How Much Toilet Paper will calculate just how long your personal supply will last, so you can manage when you’ll need to hit the supermarket.

And if you find yourself running low, please don’t use a shredded T-shirt instead!

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