WATCH: 2-year-old comforts crying baby sister in adorable video


Millions of people are in love with an adorable video showing a 2-year-old as he comforts his baby sister as she cries.

Kristen Reformato, a New Jersey native, recently shared the video that gained over a million views, Good Morning America reports.

The mother-of-two said this isn’t the first time her son Beau has calmed down his six-month-old sister, Ainsley. When she captured the heartwarming moment on camera, she knew she had to share it with the world.

“My sister was like, ‘You have to put this on TikTok,’ so it was actually my first TikTok post,” Reformato said, sharing that Ainsley was 5 months old when the video was taken. “On TikTok, we’re at 4.5 million [views] for that particular video. It’s crazy.”

Reformato added that many news outlets across the country have shared the video, which shows her daughter crying as she lays next to her brother. Beau then says, “It’s OK. Take a deep breath.”

The kids were about to nap when their mother took out her phone to share a photo of them to their father. That's when the adorable moment occurred.

She shared that her son is very outgoing and said he loves saying hello to grocery store shoppers and looking after his younger sister.

GMA also shared the video where it garnered over 400,000 views on Youtube. Many users commented on the video praising the parents.

One user commented, “'It’s OK. Take a deep breath.' Now that is something his parents must have taught him. That is excellent parenting right there.”

Another person added, “Literally has better coping skills than full grown adults. We should all take that as a lesson.”

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