3 helpful tips to keep your Christmas tree fresh and safe

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It is that time of the year when people bring home Christmas trees for the Holiday Season.

State Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain shared his Christmas tree tips with WWL’s Tommy Tucker.

“Look at the needles and you will see if they are nice and green or dark green, and you can touch it and see if  the needles are fresh… but you can generally look and tell if it is a healthy tree,” said Strain.

Strain says that of course watering the tree frequently is important. He shared an easy way to pour water into the tree stand without having to crawl under the tree.

“Generally, you are going to need to put a quart or two of water for every inch of the tree,” Strain explains. “But, what I like to do is that I have a funnel with a tube…once I got in there, I then stick that tube under there and I don’t have to crawl under that tree. You need to make sure the whole time you have that tree that it is taking up water.”

He also suggests adding a cap full of plant food to the water in the stand but warns not to let pets drink the water.

For those who have small pets or children who may be tempted to pull down your decorated tree, Strain shared his tip to keep the tree from crashing to the floor.

“I would take a clear monofilament line and anchor the top of the tree…about a foot from the top… to the wall. So that, if for some reason a cat decides to climb the tree or the kids want to get on the tree, they couldn’t pull it over. Always anchor the tree to the wall.”

Strain also warns not to place candles near the tree and to use LED lights so the tree won't catch fire.

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