3 members of same family die of COVID-19, 5 more sickened


More than seven months after the onset of the pandemic, COVID-19 continues to devastate families all across the nation.

One woman in St. Louis, Missouri has experienced significant grief after the novel virus killed her mother and two relatives and caused four other family members to test positive and experience symptoms, reported Today.

“The biggest thing I would tell people that’s short and sweet is that this thing is real, and to please protect yourself in every way that you possibly can,” Erin Griffin said.

Griffin, 40, said that her 72-year-old great uncle, Cornelius Brooks, tested positive for the deadly virus in April and later died while in a local nursing home.

A month later, tragedy struck the family again as her 67-year-old mother, Venita Griffin, and great uncle Kenneth Dortch, 74, also died from coronavirus.

“My biggest fear in my entire life was losing my mother,” Griffin said.

She added that her mother was diagnosed with an “upper respiratory” infection earlier in the year, which came back “at the same time when everybody came down with the really bad symptoms.”

Griffin believed that her mom contracted coronavirus while being a caretaker for her other family members.

Her sister, Lawanda Griffin, also tested positive and spent a month in a coma with COVID-19.

“My sister actually was in a coma at the time my mother passed, so she had to wake up to the news of my mother’s passing,” Griffin said.

Griffin’s partner, 14-year-old son, and 82-year-old grandmother also tested positive, but have since recovered.

As coronavirus continues to resurge across the nation, Griffin urged everyone to take this virus seriously.

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