6 Things to Do During Your July 4 Staycation

With the 4th of July on a Thursday this year, it could be difficult to get out of dodge with a wonky work schedule in your hands. But just because you can’t hit the beach for the weekend doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ably to enjoy your staycation. And even if your tribe has other plans, there are certainly ways to enjoy a few days of you time before having to hit the office again.

Here are 6 ways you can enjoy your Independence Day staycation.

1. Hit the pool! 

woman at pool
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No sand? No problem! If you can't figure out how to get some rays in (and not just in your backyard), try looking up area pools and even hotels with the ammenities you need. There's no reason to stay inside just because you're not at the beach.

2. Have a backyard barbecue

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One of the more common ways to celebrate the holiday is by firing up your own backyard grill and having a lowkey 4th of July in the comfort of your home. Spend some time on a killer playlist, and let the burgers do the rest!

3. Find some movies and an AC

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Too hot for a barbecue? It might be time for everyone's favorite too-cold place - the movie theater! Who says the 4th of July has to be celebrated with fireworks? A day off is a day off, right?

4. Look up your local fireworks show

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Most places will have a park, field, or stadium that's hosting a fireworks show on the night of the 4th. A simple Google search could lead you in the right direction, and then after that, you'll just need a blanket and some snacks. If Google fails you, just follow the lights in the sky.

5. Have yourself a takeout feast

takeout burger

If you're too lazy to fire up the grill, there are certainly places that can deliver you the burgers and dogs you dream of. Sit back. Relax. And take in the wonder that is ordering takeout alone.

6. Hit the apps  

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Airbnb Experiences and Meetups could be a great place to start if you're looking for 4th-themed events in your area. And maybe a date on the 4th of July isn't ideal, but who knows what events you might find in your area with a quick Tinder or Bumble scan if you're really scrounging for something to do.