A Surprising Number of People Still Get Netflix DVDs Delivered

pile of mail with Netflix DVD delivery
Photo credit Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Somewhere between going to Blockbuster to rent videos and streaming movies from the comfort of your living room, many of us had physical Netflix DVDs delivered to our homes in the mail.

While that may seem like the olden days now, Netflix just announced they recently shipped their 5 billionth DVD to one of their remaining snail-mail customers, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The actual DVD to reach the milestone happened to be the Elton John biopic "Rocketman," which is not available to be streamed yet.

The Netflix subdivision DVD.com is now in charge of the physical disc subscriptions, and they thanked their customers for their continuing support after reaching the momentous occasion.

"The most heartfelt thank you to our incredible members that have been with us for the past 21 years of DVD Netflix," the tweet reads. "Five billion discs delivered is a huge milestone, and we owe it all to our amazing members and team members."

Back in the day, Netflix reached a high of 14 million DVD-by-mail subscribers. Today, believe it or not, it still ships one million DVDs a week to its 2.4 million customers who prefer to hold their movies in their hands and insert them into their DVD or Blu-ray players. Remember those?

And the company continues to make money from the physical DVDs as they turned a $46 million profit off of the slowly-dying-out mode of movie watching.

For comparison, Netflix's streaming business currently has over 150 million subscribers globally and generates a massive $9.3 billion in revenue.

So, for those of you who still get your DVDs shipped, go ahead and Netflix and chill - while you wait for your mail carrier to arrive.