Airbnb Offers 'Party Prevention' Surveillance Devices to Protect Against Disruptive Guests


Who’s ready to party at a reasonable noise level?

Guests looking to go in on a weekend house with friends might want to be aware of the newest rowdy party detractor available to hosts from Airbnb.

The short-term rental platform is promoting a range of guest surveillances devices intended to protect property owners from disruptive or destructive renters, reports Forbes.

“We want to help you protect your space, maintain the privacy of your guests, and preserve your relationship with neighbors,” the company says on its website. “This means helping you detect issues in real time.”

The company is offering three “party prevention” device options that are easy to install either by ceiling or wall mount.

The devices are priced between $100 to $150, with a monthly subscription fee of up to $10 a month depending on device and number of listed properties.

Each device offers specific functionalities. The Minut device “monitors noise, temperature, motion, humidity and alarms when your property is unoccupied.” Meanwhile, the NoiseOne Indoor Sensor “will alert you within minutes of sustained noise levels, not instantaneous noises like doors slamming.”

While the devices may be a thorny issue for privacy advocates, Airbnb has instated specific rules for the transparent use of the monitoring tools: the tech must not be hidden, renters must be informed when they are in place, the devices cannot be installed in bathrooms or bedrooms, and they must not record audio or video.