Update your iPhone, Mac immediately: Apple releases security patch for invisible spyware

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro on display
The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro on display Photo credit Ming Yeung/Getty Images
By , Audacy

Apple released an emergency software patch Monday to address a serious security threat that can allow someone to have full access to your devices without a single click.

Investigators discovered a Saudi activist’s iPhone had been infected for nearly a year. The team at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab said the flaw allowed spyware to infect any person’s iPhone, Mac computer, or any other Apple device.

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The spyware, called Pegasus, was created by the infamous NSO Group, an Israeli technology firm that makes viruses to surveil smartphones remotely.

Any device could be invisibly infected, allowing Pegasus to turn on your camera, microphone and even read and send messages, emails, and texts. The company then releases the information it collects to governmental clients worldwide. So without a single click, your entire phone would be open for access.

“This spyware can do everything an iPhone user can do on their device and more,” said senior researcher John Scott-Railton.

NSO Group said it only develops software for governments that meet specific human rights standards, but critics question its use.

If you own an Apple product, update it today.

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