Ben & Jerry's Releasing 'Netflix & Chill'd' Flavor That's Perfect for Binge-Watching


Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream gives the term “Netflix and Chill” a whole new meaning.

The ice cream brand wants to be your snack of choice when you’re hunkering down to binge-watch episodes of “You” or “Stranger Things” on Netflix.

The brand behind favorites like “Cherry Garcia,” “Half Baked,” and “The Tonight Dough” is introducing a new Netflix Original flavor fittingly called “Netflix & Chill’d.”

The flavor isn’t immediately obvious upon reading the name, but it doesn’t matter, because it was made for your binge-watching needs.

“With the perfect mix of peanut butter intrigue, pretzel drama, and fudge brownie belly laughs, NEW Netflix & Chilll’d pairs well with any of your Netflix programming,” the Twitter post reads.

Going forward, it’s the only acceptable flavor anytime you plop down on the couch for a night of scrolling through Netflix options unable to decide on one.

Ben & Jerry’s really outdid themselves with the help of Netflix to make an ice cream flavor that offers binge-watchers the best of both worlds.

“We are flipping our lids over our newest Netflix pints! We’ve teamed up with Netflix to churn up something extra special,” the website description reads.

The brand wants everyone to enjoy the new flavor similarly to how anyone can enjoy Netflix (well, once you pay your subscription fee), so they’re also offering the ice cream in an alternative, non-dairy version.

The flavor will be making its way to local grocery stores and all Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops soon. You can sign up for updates here to find out when it will be available near you.

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