Best Buy joins Target and Walmart by closing on Thanksgiving — What does it mean for Black Friday?

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Best Buy this week announced they will follow suit of Walmart and Target and close up shop again on Thanksgiving Day.

As reported by Insider, all of the electronics giant’s stores will be closed for the national holiday for the second year running.

Covid-19 had something to do with last year’s decisions of course. This year, the decision may have most to do with the fact that consumers have developed new shopping habits that look like they’ll stick around. “Cyber Monday” anyone?

Best Buy fans can still search for online deals on Turkey Day, which was happening with more frequency anyway.

And for those who take some strange pleasure in the crazed rush of “Black Friday” shopping — well, they’ll still have post-Thanksgiving deals, no doubt. But in the last few years, the Black Friday phenomenon was expanding into Thanksgiving Day deals, and/or deal-starved shoppers lining up late on Thanksgiving night to beat Friday’s rush.

Not to mention that for the last few years, online shopping and frequent, year-round sales have contributed to Black Friday not being the big deal it once was. Right now, late June looks like the new Black Friday.

"[Black Friday] has become less of a physical event and more of a virtual event in the last five to six years," Dave Marcotte, a senior vice president at Kantar Retail, told Insider. He surmised that it just doesn't have the same immediacy as before.

It appears consumers are starting to think maybe the convenience of delivery, and the avoidance of maddening deal hunters, are worth spending the couple extra bucks they might save fighting to get to the toy aisle on Thanksgiving night.

Josh Elman, senior specialist at Nasdaq Advisory Services, previously explained to Insider, "Ultimately, consumers really want convenience, and they want to get their item and get out of the store quickly. They don't want to wait in long lines, they don't want to wait for a store to open anymore."

It’s increasingly apparent that the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 — which obviously curtailed bric-and-mortar retail spending — furthered already expanding online shopping trends, and ultimately altered in-person shopping habits too.

Best Buy is also retaining Covid-era conveniences like promising faster delivery and expanding curbside pickup options — a shopping perk that looks to survive the pandemic, as people have grown accustomed to the drive’n’go convenience.

In the long view, it’s probably a better idea to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends than waiting in a line outside a store. That is until they start announcing “Black Wednesday” sales.

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