Joe Biden's press secretary reveals his favorite ice cream flavor


What does President Joe Biden like to snack on when he’s taking a break from official duties?

According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, his snack of choice is none other than ice cream.

Psaki, who has been answering as many fan questions as possible as part of a new transparency initiative at the White House, tackled a wide-variety of subjects including the COVID-19 pandemic, upcoming policies, and the rumored giant freezer of ice cream.

"President Biden is a big ice cream fan, so: does that giant freezer full of cream really exist?" one user asked.

In her weekly video to the American people, Psaki, who also worked under the Obama administration, revealed that she has yet to find the magical freezer.

And while she didn’t confirm whether or not a giant freezer full of ice cream actually exists, she did inform the public as to his favorite flavor.

"When I was in Wilmington before the president was inaugurated, I did ask him for my four year old niece Suraya – who was very curious about what his favorite ice cream was – and his favorite ice cream was chocolate chip," Psaki said in the video.

"So that is my update for all of you on that. But I have not found the freezer,” she added jokingly.

But just because Psaki hasn’t stumbled upon the freezer, doesn’t mean it's an urban legend.

After all, former President Donald Trump loved Diet Coke so much during his four years in office that he even had a button in his office that, when pressed, would summon White House staff member carrying a fresh Diet Coke upon a silver platter.

Word is that President Biden already had the button removed. Maybe he switched it out for a button that allows him to order ice cream instead?

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