Break a Sweat During the Coronavirus Pandemic With This Toilet Paper Workout


If self-quarantine is driving you a little stir-crazy, working out may be your saving grace.

Despite the “social distancing” restrictions, staying physically active is important to maintain a sense of normalcy.

With gyms closed down, running is still an encouraged form of working out and allows you to get some fresh air, but if it’s too cold or rainy outside, there’s nothing stopping you from working out in the comfort of your own home.

Amidst the outbreak, many gyms and personal trainers have been sharing free classes on social media to help the public keep up with their fitness goals.

But even if you don’t have any gym equipment on hand, there are plenty of moves you can do with items you have lying around the house.

For example, toilet paper is multi-functional and can easily be swapped out for weights according to a custom workout designed and shared by KaisaFit on Facebook.

“When you aren't allowed out to the gym but are fully stocked up... ,” the post reads.

While the video pokes fun at customers who stocked up on enough toilet paper for a year and approaches the toilet paper shortage plaguing many stores in a lighthearted manner, the workout itself is no joke.

The video is a series of intense circuit moves that effectively utilize the bathroom essential. Per the video, you need at least 4 rolls on hand so be sure to use them sparingly. The best part is if you break a sweat, you can use the toilet paper to wipe it away.

According to Inverse, staying fit and active is beneficial for your mental and physical health now more than ever. Even a few minutes of exercise can improve brain function, reverse the effects of aging in the heart, and may even improve your memory.

Squeezing in a workout will also help quell anxieties about the rapidly changing state of our nation.

And if you need more reasons, just think about it this way -- when else are you going to have the opportunity to work out with toilet paper?

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