Bride and Groom Kiss Through Surgical Masks Amid Coronavirus Outbreak


Love in the time of coronavirus.

A bride and groom didn’t take any chances while walking down the aisle amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The couple tied the knot wearing surgical masks and even sealed the union with a kiss through the protective accessories, reported TMZ.

The duo wed at the French Quarter Wedding Chapel in New Orleans and made sure to have the reverend who officiated the non-traditional ceremony in a matching mask.

While the newlyweds didn’t wear any protective gloves, they weren’t deterred from flying as they traveled from their home in Colorado for the nuptials, the outlet noted.

The Louisiana ceremony comes on the heels of a mass wedding in the Philippines which saw 220 couples exchange vows in similar blue surgical masks last month.

“It feels different to kiss while wearing masks, but it was required,” one of the grooms told Reuters.

Many engaged couples are finding themselves having to cancel weddings as more and more states and cities have closed non-essential businesses and banned gatherings of more than 50 people.

And while COVID-19 is interrupting some wedding plans, other married people are finding the pandemic is putting a kink in their extramarital affairs.

An unfaithful husband in the UK has tested positive for coronavirus after secretly traveling to Italy with his mistress.

The unidentified man lied to his unsuspecting wife by telling her he was going on a business trip within the country.

Upon returning home from his romp, the late-30s man started feeling symptoms, went to the hospital and tests confirmed he was infected with COVID-19.

While he’s expected to recover, the man’s wife is said to be in isolation at the couple’s home in northern England and allegedly has no clue how he contracted the virus.

As they say, in sickness and in health.

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