Bride dislocates knee during 1st dance, returns to wedding after ER visit to continue celebrating

Bride in wedding dress sits in wheelchair
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One bride is taking her “in sickness and in health” promise seriously.

Julie Benn and Paul Richter were happily celebrating their marriage when the bride suddenly dislocated her knee during the couple’s first dance as newlyweds. The unstoppable bride later returned to the wedding reception after a hospital visit, white gown and all.

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After a three-year relationship, the couple eagerly anticipated their special day after postponing last July due to COVID-19, People reports. The two exchanged vows in front of loved ones before heading to the reception complete with food, drinks, and of course, a dance floor.

"I felt so much love and happiness there. And you're just seeing all these people you love and you're like, 'This is amazing,'" Richter, a second lieutenant in the Army, told the outlet.

As the couple joined hands to the tune of “Stay” by Dave Matthews Band for their first dance, joy turned to panic as the bride’s left knee dislocated during a “dip” by her husband.

"[Her knee] went out and Julie looked at me right away and she goes, 'I dislocated my knee.' Just like that, she knew," the 32-year-old groom recalled. "So then my mindset goes from like, 'Oh yeah, we're having a great dance right now,' to, 'All right, get her a chair.'"

"He's holding my entire body weight and my dress, which is massive," the bride remembered. "And I'm like, 'I need to get a chair.' I'm simultaneously screaming. One of our dear friends is an orthopedic physical therapist, she works on knees. I saw her face, and I'm screaming."

Paramedics transferred Benn, 34, to a hospital emergency room, where it took hours to have her knee reset.

The “blinding, searing pain” was no match for the excitement of the special day. Hours later, the bride returned to the reception to rejoin her guests, still wearing her floor-length gown.

"All of our friends and family were standing there, cheering and shouting for us," Benn said. "We have felt so loved by everyone."

While she's currently recovering with physical therapy, the couple has kept an extremely positive outlook at the entire calamity.

"I can't imagine what it would have been like to have a normal wedding at this point," Richter shared. "But the love and support and everything we felt has been amazing."

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