WATCH: Bride goes viral after posting long list of rules for bridesmaids on TikTok

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Sometimes the brutally exacting demands of a bride know no bounds.

Witness bride-to-be, Lisa Torres, and her two-page, step-by-step blueprint for her bridesmaids.

As Today reports, Torres’ took to TikTok to discuss the delineation of her nuptial demands, and it’s gone viral, creating a heated “yea or nay” debate.

In it, Torres details expectations of time and cost demands. Yes, at first it comes off as a budding “Bridezillas” episode.

But among the warnings of dress costs and travel demands, Torres does say her bridesmaids can pick their own style of dress, though it’s got to match her color scheme.

Okay, not unreasonable. She also says she’ll cover hair and makeup costs.

Torres also says anyone who lives more than an hour away doesn't have to attend her bridal shower and go wedding dress shopping.

Admittedly, she confesses to being insecure doing this (though her hundreds of TikTok posts don't attest to that), and she’s based this plan on her own sometimes frustrating bridesmaid experiences.

"I have been a bridesmaid before and there were some unexpected costs and expectations on my end," Torres said. "Hearing my friends complain about their experiences in wedding parties and learning about how much the expectations vary made me want to make sure that I didn't create any conflicts. I was very intent on avoiding conflict and being transparent and upfront with the costs."

According to Torres, the response from her bridesmaid candidates has been fine.

"There's just some things that can have a bad connotation...” she admitted. “Just the concept of having a letter that has rules just sounds bad even if the content of it isn't bad or even if it's not unreasonable. The formality of it makes it seem more intimidating, but thankfully, all of them were just, like, 'Oh, I'm so glad.' They were really grateful I did it."

So far, only one potential bridesmaid has said she is no longer interested in being in the bridal party.

Of course, social media trolls’ have taken their opinions to greater heights. While Torres has posted a number of wedding-related TikTok clips during the plan-up to the day, this one has touched more nerves and received over 6 million views.

"I thought it would impact a couple people, but I think it might have a larger impact than that, and that's great," Torres said.

"I think in general, communication is good. Relationships end because of bad communication. If (the letter) could help people, then I'm really happy about that."

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