Bride says ‘I do’ from second-story window after testing positive for COVID-19


A young couple tied the knot from a second-story bathroom window after the bride tested positive for COVID-19.

Lauren and Patrick Delgado held the wedding ceremony at Lauren’s family home in Ontario, California, KTLA reports.

Due to the wife’s positive test results, she was forced to isolate from her groom and wedding guests on her special day. Lauren was perched on the second floor, while Paul stayed socially distant and safe below.

The Delgados looked excited about their new union as they each held ends of a string and displayed a sign reading, ‘just married.’

As COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions have shifted throughout the pandemic, the Delgados were forced to change their wedding plans multiple times.

“We were cautious throughout the entire time, making sure that we always wore our masks everywhere,” the groom said.

After rescheduling their ceremony three times, the couple was disappointed once again after learning that the bride had contracted the virus.

“When she got that positive test result, I’ll be honest, it took a massive toll on her,” Patrick confessed.

With time running out on their marriage license, the couple decided to hold the marriage ceremony on November 20, with only 10 people in attendance.

“I always dreamt of getting married. I never expected this is how it would turn out,” Lauren said.

After 10 days of quarantine, the happy newlyweds were finally reunited for the first time as a married couple.

The Delgados now plan to celebrate their one-year anniversary by renewing their vows and holding a big celebration.

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