Burger King Has Been Trolling McDonald’s By Hiding Big Macs in Their Whopper Ads


The chicken sandwich wars have got nothing on Burger King.

The burger chain has been secretly pranking it’s biggest rival by hiding a Big Mac behind every one of their Whopper ads in the United Kingdom this year, reported Delish.

Burger King made the revelation in a snarky clip which was shared on its official social media profiles.

“This year at Burger King we kept a Whopper of a secret,” the caption began in the video, before unleashing the shadiest of comments.

"Everybody knows our burger is more generous than that other burger,” flashed across the screen as a Whopper is seen eclipsing the much smaller Big Mac.

“So to prove it we hid a Big Mac behind every Whopper we photographed,” the clip continued. “That’s right. There was a ‘Big’ Mac in every single Whopper advert in the UK in 2019.”

A montage ensues showing various Whopper billboards and commercials juxtaposed with behind-the-scenes footage exposing a Big Mac being placed behind it.

"So there you are. Confession made. Our secret's out,” the video acknowledged, before signing off with one last read.

“Thank you Maccy D’s for having our back in 2019,” the company said facetiously while including the hashtag #WhooperSecret.

Whopper fans appear to have loved the campaign as many responded with praise.

“This is brilliant,” wrote one follower.

“Taking trolling to a whole new level,” added another.

“Love this, sooooo bold. Bring on the response.....,” said a third who was clearly interested in seeing the rivalry escalate further.

But as of yet, the Golden Arches has remained silent and not issued any sort of clap back.

It’s crystal clear that Burger King and McDonald’s still have a lot of beef.

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