Burger King spices up their new ‘Ch’King’ sandwich with a free Whopper deal


A free Whopper when you try Burger King’s new chicken sandwich? Ka-ching! Or rather, “Ch’King!”

That’s the onamonapia-istic name of Burger King’s latest promotion, a hefty, hand-breaded sandwich that comes in three different versions, and is meant to storm the beaches of the Great Chicken Sandwich War of Summer 2021.

Taking a cue from governors across the U.S. who are trying to convince people to get vaccinated with lottery tickets, free beer, and whatnot, Burger King is so convinced you’ll love their new bird burger they’re offering a free Whopper with each Ch’King purchase.

When you order up any of the three versions -- classic, spicy, or deluxe -- you’ll get a Whopper for ZERO! But as Thrillist points out, you have to order it through BK’s app or website.

In a press release, Burger King smartly framed their new chicken entry with their history: "How’d we maybe accidentally outdo the Whopper? For the last two years, we’ve been perfecting the Ch’King, asking ourselves, ‘What if hand breading were to chicken what flame grilling is to burgers?'"

But of course you’d have to be living under a rock in Antarctica not to know that all the fast food giants noticed the success of Popeyes’ chicken sandwich two years ago, and have been pestering their lab chefs to come up with something even better ever since.

Though this definitely ain’t Burger King’s first chicken sandwich rodeo. They’ve just added the hand-breaded style to its classic, and offer two more twists, spicy and the deluxe that’s packed with toppings like thick crinkle-cut pickles.

If this double-deal makes your mouth water, better not sit there drooling for long -- it only lasts until June 20.

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