Burger King Reveals How to Make a ‘Quarantine’ Whopper at Home


Burger King has unveiled the recipe for making one of their most iconic burgers at home.

With people all across the world stuck indoors on lockdown, the fast-food franchise divulged how fans can cook up their own Whopper from the comfort of their kitchen.

Burger King France shared a sleek photo showing which household ingredients can be combined to make the self-isolation themed “Quarantine Whopper,” or “Le Whopper de la Quarantine.”

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a world-renowned chef — or fluent in French. As the graphic shows all you need is a bun, onion, pickle, ketchup, burger, mayo, lettuce, tomato and another bun.

Noticeably absent are any actual instructions that will assist in getting that true flame-broiled taste that makes the Whopper so iconic. But when you’ve got hours upon hours to kill, it can’t hurt to give it a try and put your own spin on the classic.

And that’s exactly what many have done as they shared their delicious results on social media.

“Our house whopper while waiting for your reopening,” said a French fan’s translated tweet.

“A 100% homemade xxl up to the bread,” another translated tweet read.

“And lo and behold ... even the bread is homemade …,” added an extra ambitious chef.

Like many restaurants, Burger King has shuttered their dine-in seating at locations across the country in order to promote social distancing amid the ongoing spread of coronavirus.

For those wanting to keep their Whoppers in the hands of the pros, Burger King continues to be open for takeout, drive-thru and delivery.

As an added treat, the chain is offering free kids meals with every regular order through April 6th.

In addition, they’ve also implemented free delivery on app orders of more than $10.

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