Are Patients Who Test Positive for Coronavirus Still Infectious After Recovery?


A group of researchers has found that if coronavirus patients test positive after recovering, they aren't able to spread the disease to others, and could also have the antibodies that prevent them from contracting the virus a second time.

Scientists from the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied 285 coronavirus survivors who maintain a positive test result after recovering from their symptoms and previously receiving a negative test result, Bloomberg reports.

Apparently, these patients were shedding non-infectious or dead virus particles, because the cultures they were able to collect were unable to be grown or spread.

With this in mind, it may no longer be required to produce a negative coronavirus test in order to return to work or school once they have recovered from the illness and have completed a period of isolation.

The test suggests that people who have had the coronavirus are at no risk of further spreading the infection in places where social distancing measures have been taken back.

The findings lead health authorities in South Korea to believe that once a person has recovered from the coronavirus, they can no longer infect others, allowing for more relaxed health guidelines concerning the virus.

Experts continue to push for antibody tests, despite not knowing whether or not these antibodies provide immunity or for how long.

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