WATCH: Rival candidates appear in heartwarming PSA touting 'civility in politics'


Who said decency is dead?

Two Utah gubernatorial candidates are aiming to bring civility back to politics with a joint PSA released Tuesday via social media. The viral ad stars Republican candidate Spencer Cox and his opponent, Democratic nominee Chris Peterson, pushing a message not often seen or heard in modern day American politics.

"We are currently in the final days of campaigning against each other," Cox said.

"But our common values transcend our political differences and the strength of our nation rests on our ability to see that," Peterson added.

The ad and its positive message immediately made waves with voters online.

"I'm not sure this has ever been done before...but as our national political dialogue continues to decline, my opponent @PetersonUtah and I decided to try something different," Cox tweeted about the ad. "We can disagree without hating each other. Let's make Utah an example to the nation."

Utah’s current governor, Republican Gary Herbert, has declined to run for another term. He’s endorsed Cox in the race, his lieutenant governor.

Polls show Cox with a large lead.

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