Car insurance costs more in these states than anywhere else in the U.S.

Car on money.
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Car insurance is something everyone needs, but no one wants to pay for, and a new study has found that some Americans spend more than others, depending on where they live.

The study from found that drivers in the U.S. spend an average of $1,771 every year for full coverage car insurance, or around $148 a month. For minimum coverage, drivers pay an average of $545 per year.

To find the average costs, Bankrate looked at car insurance rates by state, insurance carrier, vehicle manufacturer, and the driver’s age, driving record, gender, and other factors.

When breaking it down, the top five states to spend the most on car insurance were New York at $2,996 per year, Louisiana at $2,864 per year, Florida at $2,762 per year, Nevada at $2,426 per year, and Michigan at $2,345 per year.

On the flip side, the top five states to spend the least on car insurance were Maine at $876 per year, Vermont at $1,000 per year, Idaho at $1,065 per year, New Hampshire at $1,182 per year, and Ohio at $1,200 per year.

The study also found that the cheapest car insurance companies with full coverage offers were USAA, Geico, and Erie. However, the study noted they are not available everywhere.

Allstate was found to be the most expensive insurance company for full coverage policies, with Americans paying an average of $2,438 a year, $400 more than the next closest, The Hartford.

According to the study, age and gender play a significant role in insurance costs, too, with 18-year-old males paying the most of any other demographic and 18-year-old females spending the second most.

Credit scores also showed a disparity as those with a poor score pay an average of $3,002 nationwide, and those with an average to good score pay $1907 to $1,771.

When looking for the best car insurance policy, Bankrate recommends getting quotes from several companies to help compare rates and save money.

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