Cat missing for 6 years reunites with owner who is battling COVID-19


A cat that was missing for six years has found his way back home and is helping his owner battle COVID-19.

Ashley Orians, a nurse, said Charlie, who is about 10 years old, disappeared in 2015 while she was living near Charleston, SC.

She first found him in 2010 on her college campus when he was a tiny kitty “with a broken tail.”

Orians spent weeks looking for Charlie and never gave up hope. She even searched for him after she moved back to upstate New York.

“It’s been like thousands of orange cats that I’ve asked about, and none of them had the broken tail,” she explained to NEWS10.

One day, she saw an orange tabby cat on a Facebook page for missing pets.

When she learned that the cat had a broken tail, she reached out and sure enough, it was Charlie.

The outlet said he was living outside of a dentist’s office this whole time. The staff and patients kept the feline, dubbed “Orange Kitty," fed.

Unfortunately, around the time she located Charlie, Orians also contracted COVID-19 and was under quarantined, which meant she couldn't go and pick up Charlie.

 Thankfully, Michael Morgan and his pet transport company stepped in and made the 900-mile trek from South Carolina to New York.

“It was certainly an honor for my company to be involved in this reunion,” he explained.

He noted that it was a miraculous reunion: “It blew me away they were actually able to find the cat and get it returned to her.”

Orians may have saved Charlie once, but now he’s repaying the favor as he helps her overcome the novel virus and a difficult year in which her other two cats passed away.

“I just can’t even say how excited I am that he’s back and what a great start to 2021, I couldn’t have asked for anything better,” she exclaimed.

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