Cat Rescued After Having Head Stuck in Jar for 2 Weeks



A stray cat has finally been rescued after suffering with its head stuck in a jar for two weeks, reported the New York Post.

The New Zealand cat, who is now called Peanut, was initially spotted in someone’s backyard with the contraption wrapped past his ears. Neighbors were unsuccessful capturing the four-legged animal and set off a community-wide search for the suffering feline.

But even with all hands on deck, no one could ever catch the kitty. Making it harder was the fact that the jar made it impossible for Peanut to smell any bait.

“For the past two weeks, people have seen him around and over about a week trying to find ways of setting up traps, which was hard because he couldn’t smell with the jar on his head,” Matamata Animal Trust manager Annaliese England told Stuff.

The group’s luck turned when Peanut was spotted in a garden and they quickly created a barricade. Using a pole and a rope, England was able to hold on to the precious kitty.

“I took him to the vet, and they had to sedate him to get it off,” England said. “He was pretty skinny. He had been two weeks without food or water and would have had only a tiny bit of air getting in.”

England said Peanut is doing much better and should have no problem finding a forever home. In the meantime, he’s being neutered and getting ready to go to a foster home.

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