Papa John’s employees feed stranded hotel guests with hundreds of free pizzas

Pizza boxes
Pizza boxes Photo credit Getty Images

It's hard to find food in North Texas due to the recent storms, but a couple of local Papa John's pizza employees made sure a nearby hotel's residents all had something warm to eat.

Devonna Coleman and Donna Artis work at a Papa John's location in Cedar Hill, and were inundated with calls from people looking for a warm bite.

Coleman told NBC DFW: "A lot of the people that were calling the store didn't have electricity and most of them were from the hotel."

First the pair baked a ton of pizzas, and then they went door-to-door to nearby hotels giving them away to anyone in need of a hot meal.

"It makes us feel good to do something nice for people and make them smile especially with this cold weather and the hard times people are falling on, people have been telling us their ceilings are falling in their pipes are bursting," Artis said.

The pair said many guests didn't want to accept the pizza in case there was someone who needed it more, so they dropped all the leftover pies at the front desk.

Then, they braved the cold once again to deliver more pies and more smiles.

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