Charge 13 devices simultaneously with a Kickstarter-funded powerhouse generator

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To say you've become more of a homebody over the past year and a half would be the biggest understatement, well, ever. But now that the world is getting more and more back to normal, it's time to make up for lost time — in other words, you've got places to go and people to see!

Whether you're hanging out in your friend's backyard or on your annual family camping trip, ensuring you have ample power can really make or break your experience. And with a great generator like the EcoFlow DELTA Power Station, you'll have more than enough juice to keep all your devices up and running: 13 of them, in fact.

Representing a new standard in battery-powered generators, the EcoFlow DELTA is changing the way people use and manipulate power. Using patented X-Stream Technology, this thing is the Zeus of generators, recharging at 10 times the speed of other portable generators you'd find on the market today. Plus, its large inverter load can power most home appliances, like blenders, keyboards, and more, along with heavy-duty DIY tools under 1,800W with 1,260Wh capacity.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter, the EcoFlow DELTA is proving to be a hit among people all over the world, providing them with incredible versatility and mobility. And since it can charge up to 13 devices simultaneously, fitting with any port you'd possibly need, it's an essential gadget for those who like to spend time outdoors and prepare for the unknown.

As if this generator weren't impressive enough, its recharging capabilities are nothing to scoff at. You can make sure it's juiced up and ready to go either by solar charging — it recharges completely after just four hours of Sun exposure — or by charging it with your vehicle via a 12/24V carport, for a total of just 10 hours.

For a limited time, the EcoFlow DELTA Power Station is just over 15% off, making it $1,149.99.

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