CDC: Children at Day Care Spread COVID-19 to Parents and Teachers


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says children at day care can spread COVID-19 to parents and teachers.

NBC News shared the new CDC study, which explains how kids can catch coronavirus and spread the virus to adults - even if they never show symptoms.

The findings are based on data as schools and day care centers across the nation reopen. While many students head back to school, several children have been diagnosed with the deadly virus.

With cases rapidly spiking, the report shared an outbreak at three child care facilities in Utah from April to July. At those facilities, twelve children tested positive, but most had mild to no symptoms.

Health investigators were able to find out that those kids then spread the virus to at least 1 in 4 people that they were in close contact with. Those contacts included siblings and mothers.

In one case, the CDC found that an 8-month-old baby who tested positive caused both parents to contract the virus, leaving one parent hospitalized.

Two of the three asymptomatic children who had confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses spread the virus to others. The report shared that it is possible that transmission occurred from children to their teachers.

With school back in session, the World Health Organization has released guidance on mask-wearing for kids and teens.

Children aged five and under should not be required to wear masks.

Children ranging from 6 to 11 should use a mask depending on a few factors, including local transmission rates, whether the child knows how to safely and appropriately use a mask, access to masks, and their exposure.

Mask-wearing should be supervised by an adult. Children 12 and older should wear masks under the same conditions as adults. There’s an emphasis on mask-wearing when they cannot distance themselves more than 6 feet from others.

Children with developmental disabilities and other health conditions should not be required to use masks. It should be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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