Company Announces At-Home Coronavirus Tests Will Be Available on March 23


You’ll soon be able to test for the coronavirus from the comforts of your own home.

Everlywell has launched the first-ever at-home COVID-19 testing kit that will become available to the public starting Monday, March 23.

The testing process is pretty straightforward: anyone with symptoms can request a test online by filling out a screening questionnaire with a telehealth physician from PWNHealth. A physician will review the request against guidelines from the CDC to determine whether or not a test is necessary. If a test is approved, it can be purchased for $135 on the website. Once payment is processed, it will be shipped out to the consumer who will then use the swab and send it to an FDA-approved laboratory.

While the cost of the test may be a shock to the public, Everlywell assured that it is “no profit to Everlywell, and will be covered by participating HSA and FSA providers.”

“Everlywell has reached out to government officials and public health departments to see if the test can be made available for free,” they revealed in a statement.

They added: “Samples will be shipped to partner labs with overnight delivery, secure digital results will be available online within 48 hours of the lab receiving the sample, and free telehealth consultations with an independent, board-certified physician will be available for those with positive results.”

With a shortage of tests and a high demand, Everlywell said the hope is that these tests will lighten the load and diagnose more cases in a timely manner.

Since the tests can be done at home, they also limit or prevent further exposure if a patient does test positive.

Currently, the company has 30,000 tests available with more coming in the next few weeks.

“Given the high demand for testing, the company will work rapidly to make more tests available as the global supply shortage for COVID-19 diagnostic kits is addressed,” Everlywell said.

“We are committed to doing everything we can to help stop the spread of coronavirus,” they added.

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