Company Offering $500 to Winning Applicant Who Agrees to Test Cheeseburgers


Cheeseburger lovers are going to love this mouthwatering new gig.

A website is offering one lucky and hungry fan the opportunity to become a “professional cheeseburger tester” and go around tasting burgers to find the best in the country, reported UPI.

For your culinary expertise, will pay the winning applicant $500 to judge cheeseburgers on various criteria including patty texture, seasoning, bun softness and taste, cheese flavor, relish and sauce flavor, and overall quality of ingredients.

In addition to the cash, the patty professional will also be compensated for travel expenses, as well as the cost to buy the assigned burgers to test.

To enter the contest, interested burger aficionados must submit why they think they are the right person for the job. Applicants must be at least 21 years old, be a resident of the United States or Canada, and are asked to be as creative as possible with their responses.

Entries must be received by 9pm PT on September 28th and a winner will be chosen by October 8th.

The contest does come with a warning as the company's website humorously notes, "If you're on a diet, this job might not be the one for you."

The winning “cheeseburger tester” will have their reviews published on the company’s website.

While it’s unclear what restaurants the winner will have to visit, it’s clear there’s one vintage burger they won’t have to try out.

Last month, it was revealed that a woman had kept a McDonald’s hamburger and fries in a shoebox for 24 years and they still looked almost as good as new.

The woman bought the meal in 1996 and still kept it in the original packaging, which featured an advertisement for a NASCAR race.

“The fries look like they maybe could've fallen under your seat a month or so ago that never rotted or decayed,” the woman said in a video that went viral.

She explained that the burger was also in tip-top condition.

We’ll take her word for it!

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