'Coronavirus Daily': New Symptoms, Hoarding, and the Fate of the 2020 Summer Olympics


"Coronavirus Daily" delves into new symptoms of the virus, the fate of the 2020 Summer Olympics, and hoarding household supplies like toilet paper.

Doctors say that one of the biggest problems with the coronavirus is asymptomatic patients continuing to ignore social distancing guidelines. Viruses much like the common cold have been found to diminish the sense of smell, and the coronavirus seems to be no different.

Across the country, ENT doctors have found infected, "asymptomatic" patients who still suffer from a lack of a sense of smell. The recommendation by doctors after a loss of sense of smell is to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Nationwide, consumers are finding empty shelves at their local grocery stores, leading to a shortage of toilet paper and paper towels. As it turns out, the need for toilet paper and paper towels is a matter of psychological hoarding.

One of the things that people try to do when they're anxious is make it so they feel safe. When there were whispers that there may be a shortage of toilet paper, the situation only grew more dire as more and more consumers flooded stores to get their fix of TP.

It's important that instead of hoarding, we're being mindful of the needs of the greater community.

While many things are uncertain right now, among those uncertainties comes the in-flux date of the 2020 Summer Olympics. As countries like Canada and Australia have said they wouldn't participate in the Olympics without a postponement, committee members have said they will likely put a postponement into effect.

It's possible that Olympic Games lovers may have to wait until 2021 to get their fix.

Other stories in the news nationwide include the following:

WWJ reports that state police in Michigan have asked people not to call 911 on people who are violating the "stay home" orders. In New York, coronavirus cases have topped 12,000, according to 1010 WINS while Governor Cuomo have ordered all hospitals to increase by 50 percent, WCBS 880 reports.

California saw Marin County's top health official testing positive for coronavirus, according to KCBS while the USNS Mercy sets sail for Los Angeles today to provide support during the crisis, KNX reports.

In Dallas County, health officials call for a statewide "shelter in place" order, KRLD reports. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Governor Wolf issues a stay-at-hom order for southeastern counties of the state, according to KYW.

In Chicago, the city is turning to hotels to house people infected by or exposed to the coronavirus, WBBM reports.

Tune in to Coronavirus Daily to get the most up-to-date information on this growing global crisis.

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