RADIO.COM's 'Coronavirus Daily' Talks Coping, Asthma, and School Closures

“Coronavirus Daily” hosts talk about the shortage of supplies like ventilators and respirators, and how schools could be closed through the summer.

With growing coronavirus concerns come growing anxieties over the pandemic. The podcast dives into different ways to cope. Additionally, can your asthma make coronavirus worse or more likely to happen for you?

Supplies and equipment are lacking as coronavirus cases rise. As the need for healthcare professionals multiply, the less supplies we have to give them in an effort to protect them against the virus.

Andy Slavitt, founder of the healthcare advocacy group United States for Care, says there’s no use in looking at the ways we could have prepared for this outbreak differently.

Now, schools are predicting that they may be closed through the end of the academic year. More than 32 million students are out of school, Margaret Spellings, president and CEO of Texas 2036, reports.

She continues on to say that students should take responsibility for their own learning.

The uncertainties surrounding the current pandemic leave people feeling anxious and more stressed. Strategies that work well for managing emotions are reframing things unfolding around them like focusing on positive information being put into the world and directing your attention to other things.

“One of the best things you can do under the circumstances is to slow yourself down a bit,” Dr. Crystal Reeck says.

On top of coping, many with asthma fear they may be in a worse position when it comes to contracting or recovering from coronavirus. Data indicates that other conditions are greater risk factors than asthma, Sebastian Johnson, professor of respiratory medicine at the National Heart & Lung Institute at the Imperial College London reports.

Other news stories of note include the Michigan governor extending the tax foreclosure deadline to May 29, WWJ reports. Additionally, 1010 WINS reports that New York State cases of the virus have jumped by more than 1,000 cases in a day.

In New York City, Staten Island is opening its first drive-through testing center for the virus, according to WCBS 880. In San Francisco, a UCSF ER doc has tested positive for COVID-19, KCBS reports. LA County has reported the closure of 6 LA-run animal shelters, according to KNX.

Meanwhile, Plano, Texas has seen its first coronavirus-related death, according to KRLD. Philadelphia teachers have been told to stop online classes because not all children have access, says KYW.

Universities in Illinois are taking a hit as WBBM reports that there are coronavirus cases at. DePaul University, University of Chicago, and Columbia College.

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