'Coronavirus Daily': The Impact of Vaccines, Treatments, and Social Media


RADIO.COM's “Coronavirus Daily” dives into the potential of a vaccine, possible treatments available, and the effects that social media has on the pandemic. Hosts address questions regarding the disparities between coronavirus cases across different cities.

Top doctors are hoping that a vaccine is around the corner, but it could be a while before it’s available. Constant testing is in effect, with clinical trials being held throughout the country. The goal is to find something with at least 50% efficacy.

In a hospital setting, many are using comfort support drugs to aid in the ailments of the virus. Doctors expect that over 80% of coronavirus cases will be mild, with people exhibiting symptoms of a cold. However, there are still people who are extremely vulnerable and will exhibit much worse ailments.

With a lack of vaccine available, all people, young and old, need to be cautious of their habits. Young people are just as vulnerable as older people, despite reports that suggest that the virus is mostly hitting older communities. There is no age group that is inherently immune to a grim diagnosis.

As for social media, Facebook and Twitter are working to scrub false information about the virus from the platforms. The goal is to make sure that no one is put in harm’s way due to the content of posts.

“Quarantine shaming” is getting traction on social media, with many users calling out those who they feel are not social distancing to the extend that they should be.

Many cities are noticing disparities between the numbers of cases in various areas. New York City has more than ten times as many confirmed cases than Los Angeles. Why is that?

Since this could be due to the quality and frequency of testing, experts say it’s hard to say right now if any one city is doing things “better” or “worse” than other cities. It often has to do with how well people are adhering to social distancing recommendations.

Around the country, here are some other stories in the news:

The Michigan Humane Society has put adoptions on hold amid the coronavirus pandemic, WWJ reports. Meanwhile, in New York, 23 MTA employees have tested positive for the virus while a family in New Jersey has seen the untimely deaths of three of its members, according to WCBS 880 and 1010 WINS respectively.

A nursing home in San Francisco is on lockdown, following the positive diagnosis of three of it's residents, KCBS reports. KNX says that West Hollywood Mayor John D'Amico has tested positive for the virus.

Texas Governor Abbott has issued an executive order, closing most service and entertainment industry businesses, KRLD reports. Additionally, Philadelphia has dedicated $6.4 million to assist nonprofits on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, according to KYW.

WBBM reports that the state of Illinois has reported 3 more coronavirus-related deaths.

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