‘Costco Karen’ Throws Temper Tantrum Over Being Asked to Wear Face Mask


A “Costco Karen” threw a massive tantrum for being told to wear a face mask.

Yahoo! reported that the woman decided to create a sit-in-protest after refusing to wear the mask.

A video shows the woman throwing a tantrum before plopping on the ground.

The woman says, “I just need you to put that on for now while you’re in the building. That’s all,” an employee is heard telling the woman, referring to the face mask already hanging from her ear. “Just temporarily while you’re in here, and then you can take it right back off.”

“I will not,” the woman said to the Costco employee, before going on to say the rule is “your problem.”

The woman decided to sit on the ground to protest and partially blocking the store’s exit. When she sat down, she said that she does not have a medical condition that make it not safe for her to wear a face mask.

“Can I get you a chair? Outside? There’s a place to sit,” the employee asked.

“I am an American,” she responded. “I have constitutional rights.”

In April, Costco made face masks mandatory for all shoppers. As of May 4, all customers would be required to wear face masks while shopping. Costco says it's insisting on face masks to protect its customers and employees.

Kids under the age of  two and  people who can not wear masks because of medical issues are exempt.

The warehouse store implemented other rules aimed at keeping people safe, like limiting the number of people allowed in each store and marking the floors so customers stay 6 feet apart while waiting to check out.

Costco was one of the first stores to set aside early morning hours to allow older people and people with disabilities to shop safely.

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