Couple celebrates 70th wedding anniversary after surviving COVID


A married couple from Pittsburgh celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary after they both recovered from COVID-19.

According to Good Morning America, Steve and Marie Orlando, ages 92 and 89, got married on Sept. 2, 1950. At the time, Marie had recently graduated high school and Steve had finished two years of duty in the Army.

Earlier this year, the pair had hoped to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary, but the global outbreak affected their plans.

"We were stuck in the house," Marie said. "Our daughters would go shopping for us and cook for us and leave things [at the door]."

In July, Marie had to stay in the hospital for a heart valve replacement surgery and was accompanied by one of her daughters, Janet Bartley. Both later tested positive for COVID-19. Steve and Bartley's family also wound up catching the novel virus.

"It was our worst fear that they would get it," Bartley said of her parents. "And then we all did."

Out of all of the family members, several, including Marie, had mild symptoms. Unfortunately, Steve had to be hospitalized for two days due to dehydration. He was later released and continued with his recovery at home.

"Thank God we got through it for our age," said Marie. "I just feel sorry for a lot of people our age who didn't make it."

While the couple recovered from the deadly virus, they had to wait more than a month to celebrate their big day.

Last week, Marie and Steve finally enjoyed a small party with family members, including all six of their children.

"They showed me what the true meaning of love is," Bartley added. "They were wonderful role models."

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